Social Roadmap

Welcome to the Beta release of Social at GMR!

Social is one of the pillars of the GMR Center. It's the glue that binds the community, bringing members together, and ultimately facilitates features such as member and content creator tipping, game interaction, and reward sharing.

Social is also one of the more ambitious parts of our plan. We're not quite the size of Twitter or Reddit, but we're aiming high.

In this second preview release, we're focused on the core timeline with posts, comments, and likes. We also want to gauge performance and be sure that as the community grows, our social platform will grow and perform beautifully.

This Release

As hinted at above, this is our 'core' beta release designed to test customized profiles, posts, comments, and likes.

We're opening this release for a short window of public testing in order to collect valuable data and metrics for the platform. Shortly after this release, we'll open for real.

We're also depending on you - our community members, to be good 'digital citizens' during this review period. If you'd like a recap of what this means, please take a moment to re-read our Acceptable Usage Policy. This release does not have automatic nudity or NSFW filters enabled. Our moderators will however, be on the lookout for unacceptable material which will be promptly flagged and/or removed.

Here's the official release feature checklist:

Beta Release 1.1.0 (this release)

  • Usernames: By default your username is an auto-generated random 26 character string. If you want a rad handle for a username, visit your profile on the site and change it to whatever you fancy. Note that you can only change your username once every six weeks, so think carefully before you choose! (if something bad happens and you simply can't live with the username you've ended up with, contact support and we'll help you to get it sorted). Note that we will never show your full account name in social or on your public profile.
  • Display names: Display names are a chance for you to further personalize your online monicker. If you've set one, we'll show this above your username.
  • Profile banners: You can now set a custom profile banner. This will appear at the top of your public profile. Go wild and impress!
  • The core social timeline: This is where all the action is for now. Think of it as our main social channel. In the future we'll have multiple as well as personalized channels, but for now this is where it's at.
  • Posts, comments and likes: These are, and do - what they say on the tin.

Stable and Future Releases

Once we're sure that social is stable and scales well, we'll begin our regular cycle of feature drops. Here are just a few items that top the current list:

  • @mentions: You'll soon be able to @mention another user or users in posts and comments. Users that have been @mentioned will receive a notification as well as a link to the post or comment.
  • Comments on comments: We'll enable nested comments, or comments on comments.
  • Multiple channels: We'll be splitting the current timeline into various channels - the most likely of which will be an 'Official channel' for GMR announcements, a 'Community channel' for general posts, and other specialized channels related to events and activities.
  • Personalized channels: As the size of the community grows, it will be important for you to be able to curate your own channel by following (and being followed by) other users.
  • Search and hashtags: Finding things is important, and so search and hashtags will let you do just that.
  • Tipping and Web3: As our platform grows, integrating social with the GMR token for tipping and other Web3 interactions will form an essential part of the social experience as well as support the GMR mission.

We greatly value your participation in the beta release, and look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions.

So there you have it. Go forth and be social!